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Trust Profile

  • The main objectives of the trust are Training Center, Teacher Training Center, technical training center, Computer training center, Higher Secondary education, High School, Middle School, Primary, Matriculation and Nursery schools.

  • To develop and Form Lab, Libraries, Hostel for boys and girls.

  • To provide instrument, uniforms note books and books for free and concession rate for the pupils.

  • To lead free medical camp, orphanage home for elders.

  • To provide excellence education and maintain discipline among the students.

  • To promote the students as good citizenship good conduct and Character, and maintain sound health for them.

  • To provide scholarship, amenities without caste and religion discrimination for the down trodden pupils.

  • To conduct seminars, exhibitions, annual day celebrations and other programme in grand manner.

  • To conduct sports, debating forum, conversation forum and to distribute prizes to them.

  • To provide technical training education for unemployed youths and give adult education.

  • To provide practical camp and educational tour for the students.

  • To promote the students education by way of providing script and thesis.

  • To publish bit notices, advertisement publications and notes to eradicate illiterate and develop cottage industries.

  • To extend support to other trust for execute the ideal of trust.

  • To provide cultural lecture to the trust students with help of eminent scholars and to provide tour and workshop with help of scholars.

  • The trustees vested with powers to accept State and Central Governments, donations and subsidies and receive funds and other helps from the service centres and charitable instructions.


B.Selvarajan Educational Trust


Founder & Chairman 

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Dr Senthilkumar S


Praveenkumar Selvarajan

Vice Chairman